To Catch Up.


It’s been quite a while since my last post and so much has happened it’s hard to know where to start.  I can’t wait to get back into writing regularly again.  Hopefully this is the first new post of many.

Here’s a quick rundown of the chaos of the last few months:


The month of April was filled with intense  “head down and create” moments all preparing for a wonderful month of May.  Amongst the creative pushes were two wonderful events sponsored by the New York Academy of Art.  The first being Tribeca Ball and the second their Open Studios event.  I met some really wonderful people, sold some work and made life-long connections. Some of these included a few celebrities (when Parker Posey says she likes your work, you get a bit giddy), art collectors and fellow creatives. The most dear to me is my new friend Jerry.  He saw my metrocard paintings at the Single Fare 3 exhibition back in January and now has the largest collection of my work to date.  He’s a gem amongst art lovers and genuine people.  I couldn’t be happier that we connected even more during this month and that our friendship has grown since.


May was a happy mixture of creative bliss and personal triumphs.  I started the first week of the month reaching 10,000 followers on my instagram account.  To those that know how dear my little social media family is to me, that was a beautiful milestone in being an artist and continuing to reach out to other amazing talents and art appreciators around the world.  The following day my first solo show at Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia opened.  It was absolutely magical.  The artists and collectors I met were all so inspiring and inquisitive.  It’s always an honor to work with the AEA crew and seeing a room filled with my hard work was surreal.  I had a total of 24 pieces hung up and sold my largest painting to date.  I’m still struck by the experience.

A few weeks later my MFA thesis exhibition went up.  Sharing Wilkinson Gallery at NYAA with my incredible classmates was a memory I won’t soon forget.  All the hours put in, lessons learned and connections we have to each other were on display for all to see.  I couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of us.  Another week or so later we all graduated.  Two full years of dedicating ourselves to our craft and it felt like we just began yesterday.


June was the calmest creative month I’ve had in a while.  I was able to get caught up on every day life and begin focusing a bit on my photography company EverydayEros Studio.  Restarting a business after two years of graduate school is no easy task but the people I work with are absolutely amazing.  They gave me the time I needed for each shoot and I’ve been able to slowly start building back what I had to break from before starting my New York adventure.  I also started my move back to Philadelphia from Brooklyn.  Did I mention I’m also planning my wedding that is in November?  Yeah, I’ve learned to multitask like a champ. : )


This last month I’ve almost completely caught myself up with everything.  I fully moved back home to Philadelphia and organized my studio so I can start painting again.  A new mini drawing series has begun and I’ve been able to start showing my monotypes.  I’ve been lucky enough to have sold 6 already, reaching from Philadelphia to Switzerland and Sweden.  It doesn’t matter how many of my pieces leave me, to think of my work on someone’s wall in another country is mind blowing.  The fans I’ve acquired the last two years (and beyond) are a big blessing in my life.


Currently I am concentrating on continuing the new mini drawing series, (potentially) creating a small line of mini eye paintings for jewelry, picking back up with my plastic veiled paintings, refocusing on EverydayEros Studio and working towards a career in the arts or social media.  There’s a lot going on in the future and even more in the present but I’m excited to take it all in and see where the path I’ve already taken has in store for me.

So in summary, things are busy but rather happy.  I’m in a constant state of creating (no matter the medium) and feeling out how life after graduate school is.

Stay tuned for much more.