Social Media for the Emerging Artist

We’re going to keep this simple. I’m going to dive into how the hell I got 16,000 instagram followers (organically) and have (on average) 50-70% of my Facebook fans consistently engaged with my page (also organically).

I’m not going to give you the secrets on how to become a featured so-and-so on blahblahblah’s blog (bob lob law!?) or get noticed by major galleries. If you’re one of the few that attracts that kind of attention easily… well, you’ve got luck on your side. I didn’t. I don’t. My build has been progressive. I wasn’t getting what I needed out of the art world so I took to social media to find my place. After some patience and remaining proactive, it started to work. I’m still working. It’s still working.

My success with social media has already led to some incredible opportunities, art sales and new friends. My credentials stretch even further than they did less than a year ago. In addition to managing my creative work here and my photography work ( I’m also employed as a content creator and manager for a major University here in Philadelphia. I’ve learned an incredible amount in the last 2-3 years and it’s done wonders for my work and sense of creative self.

I don’t think this acquired knowledge is something to keep as a secret. I know so many talented individuals who can’t seem to find their voice in the greater art world. Social media is the tool to be able to showcase who you are in your own way. I hope these upcoming posts can help a handful of people feel more confident in showcasing what they create.

Until I run out of topics or tips, I’m going to make sharing this information a regular goal for this blog. I hope to see emerging artists join in or veteran artists give even better advice than I can.



*I apologize ahead of time for rants, my potty mouth and strange sense of humor.*


Until so soon…