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I am thrilled to be introducing this (now) more writing-friendly site. With this new platform, I’ll be continuing my personal, social media, and exhibitions posts with more enthusiasm and frequency.  Considering social media networks change their organic reach often, I will also be working on putting out more newsletters. The information, exhibition updates, and tutorials I write can go directly into your inbox if you’d prefer that delivery method.

For now, I’m thinking monthly to bi-monthly, so don’t get too scared about your already overflowing inbox getting “too-much-Maria”.  (That is, unless of course, you are like me and aim for inbox zero each week).

Sign up below or to your right.
The form will now be close by each post if you prefer to wait a bit.  But, why would you?

As always, thank you for the constant support and encouragement.  I can’t wait to give back a little more here and again.

Until so soon…