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I flew out to Los Angeles for a week of warmer weather and my first exhibition with the Beinart Collective.


The BeinArt Collective is one I have been following (and inspired by) for as long as I can remember. So, when Jon Beinart contacted me over a year and a half ago to be part of his collective, I was elated.  To be amongst such indescribable talent is not only an honor, but an intense motivator to continue learning and be the best painter I can be.

For a little background, here is a short paragraph directly from their website:

“From the vast and intricate drawings of Laurie Lipton to Christian Rex van Minnen’s psychedelic grotesquerie, from Mark Ryden’s adorable pop surrealist mashups to Kikyz1313’s watercolour explorations of innocence and entrails and from Jeremy Geddes’s hyperrealistic floating figures to Michael Hussar’s dark provocative oil paintings, the work of the BeinArt Collective’s featured artists is as diverse as it is unusual.

Over the years we have published books, curated group exhibitions and maintained a strong online presence under the BeinArt banner. Our projects have helped generate opportunities for our artists to network, collaborate, share resources and connect with a broader audience.  We aim to foster a sense of community in which these artists will flourish. We delight in sharing their work and hope that by viewing the journeys of these artists, those who light upon them will be inspired.”

I was invited to participate in the collective’s group exhibition at Copro Gallery this past February. The opening was on the 20th and the show runs through March 12th. I made it my mission to fly across the country to be a part of the opening, and was overjoyed I did. It was incredible to see so many of these works in person. It was even better getting to meet the artists who created them. As a new member, not from the West Coast, I was surprised to find such warmth, kindness, and openness. This group of people is truly one of a kind. The sense of community I found was strong and quite beautiful.

Even with my nerves bundled up tight in my belly, I had the best of times. Huge thank you to my parents, Tim, Sherri, Ryan, Denise, Rachel, Jordan, Katie, Chris, Isaac, and many other friends for attending/your support. A huge thank you to my husband, Brian, for being my rock in every way (and taking some of these photos).

Lastly, I’m sorry to anyone I nervously introduced myself to with this: “I’m Maria, I’m the one that paints people suffocating in plastic.” That was weird.  I’m not Madonna. My last name is Teicher. I promise I’m not a creep.  ;)


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