Make. F*cking. Art

In 2011, I found myself completely separated from my studio, and all of my favorite materials, because of Hurricane Sandy. I knew drawing and painting was the only way I was going to stay mentally healthy during my time at home so I challenged myself. I found old paints, experimented with new materials, salvaged old paint brushes, and forced myself to think out of the box. As we are currently in a new period of surreal isolation, and for much longer than Hurricane Sandy made necessary, it’s time to go back to that old head space.

Creating may seem trivial in this time but refocusing energy on creativity, problem solving, making, engineering, and, most importantly, play is crucial.

So, I had an idea… and I emailed my favorite fellow PAFA adjunct professor about it. She was in and over the last week we have bloomed… Make F*cking Art; get your MFA with Maria Teicher and Darla Jackson.

Darla and I are here to help inspire and encourage you to make f*cking art during this strange and surreal time. What better way to do that than a no restrictions art challenge? 

All mediums welcome. No professional supplies needed. This is about creative problem solving and having fun.

Every two weeks, while we’re in this mess, we will release seven new prompts. Take a few days with each and enjoy. 

Draw on your garage door with chalk. Make monotypes with mud. Sculpt with butter. Color with your kid. Play dress up and make self portraits. Finger paint on the counter with leftover cooking supplies. (And yes, traditional materials are of course an option).

Everything is a “go!”


March 23rd-April 6th


-Animal Self

-Self Portrait As Community

-Comfort Beverage

-What Lies Beneath

-Self Portrait As Alter Ego




Tag your creations with the official hashtag so we can keep track: #mariaanddarlasayMFA

And well as these: #mfachallenge #makefuckingart <— instagram might hate that one but we love it

Some others to use are #quarantineart #stayathomestudio

Refocus your energy towards the arts, and find community in this time of physical distancing! Make sure to encourage each other along the way.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!