Personal | A Little Thank You

I’m usually the type of person that sits on Facebook and silently watches the “I am thankful for…” posts roll in. It’s not that I’ve never been thankful it’s just that it’s always the same, year in and year out: Family, friends, and health. This year, for me, is quite different. It’s been a transformative year for my art career. I am thankful for my family, friends, and health like everyone else but this year I have a few more reasons to be grateful.

This year, because of the help of some incredible groups and individuals, this underdog has turned a new leaf. Hard work has begun to pay off and I feel extremely thankful that a few new people have shifted some of their attention my way.



I have a long way to go and a lot of work ahead of me. This year, however, is the first that’s given me some hope. And with that…

Thank You (from the bottom of my plastic veiled heart)




Arch Enemy Arts

Lawren, Noah, and Patrick

Buddy Nestor

Jon Beinart

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art

Victoria Casal-Data

Hi Fructose Magazine

Elizabeth Devlin



Diana Corvelle

Manu Saluja

Quantum Art Review


New York Academy of Art

Roz Baron and The Sound of Art

Art Fucks Me

Denise Hallock

Marion Di Quinzio

Caitlin McCormack

Jeremy Cross

Gristle Art Gallery

My Collectors

My Little Instagram Family

My Little Facebook Family

Every Kickstarter Backer

My Friendels (Friend+Models)


I could keep going and going… but it’s time to eat.

Thank you for making this the best year yet and helping set up 2015 to be even better.