Im back!

First of all, I am CELEBRATING having this new site up and running.  Blood, sweat and tears went into this bad boy (girl?).  I’d like to say a sincere and public “THANK YOU” to my handsome husband for dealing with my irrational crankiness and general ‘wanting-to-punch-everything’ frustration when it came to building the new and improved

With my blog now being fully integrated into my site, I am beyond excited to start writing again.  Of course, I’ll be talking about processes, color palettes and upcoming exhibitions, but my goal is to reach out even further.



A few months ago I was lucky enough to do a short talk about social media for the emerging artist at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  It was a great success filled with incredible student questions and excitement.  My want to teach grew 10x’s stronger that day and until I am in a University myself, this blog will be my platform to share my knowledge.  I couldn’t be more excited for everything to finally be coming together.

[As you may have guessed… I’ll be talking a LOT about my one true love: Instagram.]

In no way do I expect these posts to replace an actual seminar or workshop (still have one in the works) or give anyone instant artistic success.  This will be directed at how I am working social media to my benefit. These will be easy lessons I’ve learned through personal trial and error.

With these posts (and all others, really) I fully encourage anyone of you who actually stumbles upon this page to ask whatever questions you can think of.  I’ll do my best to answer them and continue to help in whatever way I can.


Until the next time…