Fountain Art Fair

This last weekend was surreal.  I am honored to have been one of the artists exhibited at the Arch Enemy Arts booth at the Fountain Art Fair.  Alongside 4 of my pieces were works by fellow artists Lawren Alice, Cory Benhatzel, Bill Joo, Mary O’Malley, Kristen Egan, Scott Kirschner, David Parvin and Mateo Arfanotti.  It was a terrific show, perfectly curated and unbelievably exciting.  All the pieces were beautiful and it was inspiring to be surrounded by such talent.

Moving to NY for grad school last year I never imagined I’d be exhibiting as much as I have recently let alone see my work in the setting that it was in this weekend.  Fountain was exciting, filled with incredible art and artists as well as amazing vendors and musicians.  Unlike other fairs I’ve attended it felt very alive.  It was the art world I’ve been searching for and being a part of it didn’t even feel real.  Thousands of people were in contact with paintings I spent months and years on.  Friends, family and strangers sat below my largest painting to date.. an experience I never thought possible or probable.  Highlights of the weekend included selling a small piece, meeting with another gallery owner that myself and Arch Enemy Arts so very much admire, feeling the pride of my fellow artist friends and family and having the Village Voice show “The Fall Between The Folds” in their social media feeds.

A huge ‘thank you’ to Arch Enemy Arts for believing in all I do and supporting me whole heartedly.  This is an experience I will never forget and it was the best way to start my 30th year on this planet.




MariaTeicher-Fountain-1MariaTeicher-Fountain-4 MariaTeicher-Fountain-10