Maria Teicher, born 1983 in New Jersey, is a fine art portrait and figurative artist residing in Philadelphia, PA. Using historic and personal symbolism, her works blend together contemporary concepts and an honest connection with those around her.

Maria received her BFA in 2007 from Rowan University and her MFA in 2013 from the New York Academy of Art. She exhibits regularly in Philadelphia, New York, and California. She finished her second solo show with Arch Enemy Arts Gallery in 2015 and is currently developing a brand new body of work. Maria is also deep into a six by eight foot oil painting commission based on Artemisia Gentileschi's "Judith Slaying Holofernes." It is set to be complete in early to mid 2021.

When Maria is not creating, you can find her teaching at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, running her photography business, Iris and Echo, and with her young son Lucian.

See Maria on WHYY's Articulate in their episode on portraiture titled "Pictures of You": https://www.articulateshow.org/articulate/pictures-of-you

Artist Statement

My interests lie with the stories, experiences and emotional states of those I have a close relationship with.  Using portraiture and narrative images, I explore these sincere realities through sentiment and symbolism.

In my work, historical and personal symbolic artifacts, such as braids and veils, marry the subject’s voice, how I see them and their connection to the world.
The ideas for each picture comes to fruition organically, contrasting the directed scene my work finishes as.  An honest conversation can often ignite an image, leaving me to find the appropriate mementos to direct the picture.  In other instances, the symbols speak to me first. I then partner a specifically chosen friend or family member with them.  This associate process brings experience and symbolism together for me.

The directorial decisions made, with each piece’s subjects and symbols, is intended to create an allegorical space to project into. The open-ended ambiguity in my work is a call to bring one’s own experiences into each piece.  This added level of communication is an important part of my work and who I am as an artist.