A New Sketchbook.

I’m envious of how most artists can fill a sketchbook in such a short period of time. I never seem to be able to dedicate space in my life for it. I’ve been writing to help me fall asleep (daily ramblings on art, sweating the small stuff and misc. stress) but it’s not enough for me to feel satisfied. Last night I really started thinking about it and how I wish I could fill a small book with ideas and visual ramblings. Waiting for paint to dry (with more in depth works) is a 24 hour time period. Sometimes layers need to be put down and I can’t work on top of them till they’re completely adhered to the canvas. My ‘in-between’ time can be bothersome and I wind up stuck.

Last night I started early so the works I was really into had been finished for the night and needed their time. I decided to get two 4×6 inch backing boards and put a simple yellow acrylic layer on them. I let them both dry for a half an hour. I found an hour long documentary on netflix, scooped the first one up and just decided to “sketch” an old photograph I had done nothing with, and go for it; no drawn up lines, no mapping out, no intense process- all eyeballed. I wanted to sketch in paint and so I did. It’s an hour in and probably will take another 2 hours to finish, but the process was freeing and allows me to play and produce some extra (more free) work. It was such good practice (anatomy, color, looseness, brush stroke and blending) that I began to realize.. this was my form of a sketchbook.

In the shower this morning (cleaning off the awful heat of the day), I began to understand that sitting in front of a piece of paper really isn’t my style as far as sketchbooks go. I’m not cartoony or quick; my ideas are conceptualized and I often write the idea out for a future photograph as reference. I began to think about how many untouched photos I have, just sitting in this computer and on a hard-drive. What if my sketchbook was filled with paint and photographs? And so it goes. I’ll be using the empty books I have in the studio.. waiting for artistic expression.. and fill them with small boards of paint sketches and (hopefully) a simple photograph about every other day. I have my sizes set and at the end of a two week period, will be printing and adhering to paper. My small notes will be post-its till I have the works in hands but.. it’s a way to sketch and practice while waiting for paint to dry or having my morning coffee. I’m pretty enthralled with the idea and will start posting pictures once I’ve done a couple.

New camera is also in my future. I’ve decided to upgrade finally and have really been saving every penny to do so for a quite a few months. The inspiration is already beaming and I can’t wait to explore new ideas and places.

Things are looking up and I’m more inspired than I’ve been in ages. My job is.. well.. waitressing, but the money is there and it’s affording me the ability to continue my exploration of my creative self. I’m hoping all this hard work pays off with the admission to a great grad school and in the next few years, I’m teaching college level and living as a full-time artsist.

(oh to dream).