A Damn Good Month.

This month is just starting and it’s been an incredible one thus far (with much bliss in it’s future).

It started with a road trip to Maine for the very first Nateva festival. I love my girls, and I love them even more barefoot (or OCD with boots on), dirtied up and shaking it till we’re whiskey sleepy. Last Thursday through Monday included: the “scenic” route, a random unexpected ferry ride (#29), a $110 lunch, starting an “air band”, dinosaur poop, a man and his rock obsession, a time warp into a 1970s motel, moe, the felice brothers, hula hoops and much drunken practice, umphree’s magee, keller williams, passion pit, she and him, sts9 (best set I’ve ever seen by them- my face danced itself off), ghostland observatory, a coleman commercial, the worst camping neighbors ever, sleeves of tattoos (skin doodling), flasks of liquor in underwear, “just put it in your pants”, “i’m not drunk, just gassy”, charlie and candy mountain, relaxation, refreshing, beautiful and ridiculous conversations, further and by far the most amazing.. the flaming lips. (so many more photos to come).
And probably one of the best band photos I’ve ever taken:
Yesterday was my 4 year anniversary with Brian. It’s been the most difficult and rewarding journey I could’ve imagined. I can honestly say I’m happier than I ever imagined possible. We’ve both grown to levels completely unknown when we started this.. and have become (and are becoming) such amazing people throughout our experience together. I am happier every year that passes and couldn’t be more excited for our future together (one that I understand now, is everlasting).
The rest of the month follows with a wedding photographed on Sunday, a “yoga shoot” scheduled for Tuesday, and two engagements this month alone. I’m more productive (in more than one area) than I’ve been in eons. Paint is flowing and photographs are being made.
In other awesome news, one of my photographs for the tee-shirt company “rainbow alternative” has been published in philadelphia weekly and the war memorial I drew up and designed (been waiting to squeal about this for 2 years now) is finally being made.
July, you are ridiculous.